Quality Policy

Management's declaration of commitment to quality policy

Orlite's quality assurance policy is to ensure full customer satisfaction while maintaining and improving business results.
This declaration presents the principles of the quality assurance program, the implementation of which will assist in improving the competitiveness and profitability of the company, while contributing to the well being of the employees.

In Orlite, quality is a policy designed to ensure full customer satisfaction while maintaining and improving business results. Accordingly, we are all committed to this policy. The insistence on quality is a way of life in our company, which invests resources in the constant improvement of the quality of products and services.

Orlite is committed to quality requirements to ISO-9001: 2000, AS-9100 and to level A according to the requirements of the Acquisition & Manufacturing Authority. In the light of the above, we set ourselves the following objectives:

  • Constant improvement of the quality grading awarded to the company by its customers.
  • Improvement of efficiency of production in the factory while aiming for the highest level.
  • Reducing the percentage of rejects of raw materials and finished products through constant improvement.
  • Monitoring, command and control of all activities that contribute to improved performance.

In order to achieve these objectives, the management of the factory declares its commitment to adopting a quality policy based on the following areas:

  1. A commitment on the part of management and employees to strive continually to achieve improvement in all matters relating to quality and efficiency at work, including the responsibility of each employer for self monitoring of his/her work in order to ensure that it meets requirements.
  2. Inculcation of "quality control processes" as an integral part of the "production processes" in order to achieve systematic improvement.
  3. Fostering the employee as the most important asset in the organization, by creating an innovative, supportive and accommodating framework and culture.
  4. Establishing a training system to create an ongoing process of improving the standard and professional performance of the employees.
  5. Developing and encouraging teamwork in order to include all employees in the effort to improve processes, solve problems and prevent quality losses.
  6. Encouraging and rewarding the quest for excellence as a permanent value in the factory.
  7. Improving customer satisfaction with the standard of products and services which they receive.
  8. Developing long term relations with suppliers grounded on quality and reliability.
  9. Cooperate with authorities to preserve the environment and nice appearance.
  10. Providing regular and up-to-date information for all employees on progress in achieving the goals.
  11. From time to time we shall determine issues on which to focus and measure the improvement activities.
We will encourage and assist any effort designed to achieve these goals.
Nir Peleg, CEO
Israel Yona, Quality Assurance Manager