Process technologies

Orlite Industries develops and manufactures Ammunition containers which are made of composite materials.
Orlite offers a full range of composite material technology:

  • Hot and Cold Compression Moulding
  • Filament Winding
  • Autoclave (prepregs)
  • Composite braiding
  • R.T.M.
  • Vacuum Bag Forming
  • Tube Molding

We are the sole supplier of the Fire Resistant Ammunition Containers (FRAC) for tanks and combat vehicles using active heat and fire isolating technology since 1978. We apply this technology in areas where prolonged intense heat and fire risks are possible.


  • Provides a minimum of 15 minutes evacuation time at 800 Cº
  • Protect against Sympathetic Explosion for all types of ammunition
  • No poisonous gas during combustion