The leading product developed by Orlite for the world-renowned Merkava tank from Merkava 1 to Merkava 4 series in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is the FRAC- Fire Resistant Ammunition Container. For the Merkava series we have developed the FRAC which demonstrates reliability and applicability throughout all the years.

The tank ammunition are stored in the Fire Resistant Containers in the turret and hull providing the following:
Thermal Shock Protection, Protection against Sympathetic Explosion of the shells and allowing no poisonous gas emission to occur during combustion.
The delay of ignition and explosion of the ammunition allows for a sufficient period of time for the tank crew to evacuate safely- therefore this product Saves Lives !!!

Orlite's ammunition containers have modular capabilities of quick assembly and dismantling by the crew. We tailor made to apply to the customer's specific requirements.

In addition we supply mortar ammunition containers to be stored at tanks and AFV, hand grenade containers and bullet chain ammunition containers.

Characteristics :

  • Water proof & fully thermally isolated
  • Fits to high sensitive ammunition
  • Safe for usage
  • Modular
  • Easy mounting & dismounting for maintenance use